What are the causes of bubbles during self painting

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What are the causes of bubbles during self painting:
Dalian metal plastic self spraying paint is not fully shaken before spraying, and the paint solution is not evenly mixed; Continuously spray paint. The paint has not stopped after the previous spraying. Continue spraying after the paint surface is dry; Before spraying, the sprayed workpiece shall be cleaned with cleaning agent, and the pollutants shall be removed before painting; If bubbles and paint particles have appeared, the solution: for small bubbles and paint particles, after the paint film surface is dry, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth and spray again; If there are serious bubbles and paint particles, they must be sprayed again after the paint film is completely dry and polished with sandpaper.

You can cover other places with newspapers and other things to prevent accidental spraying. The nozzle should be 20 to 30 cm away from the place where the paint needs to be sprayed. If it is too close, it is easy to flow paint. When spraying, try to keep the speed constant, fast, and not slow. Spray again 5 to 7 minutes after spraying. In this way, the place where you want to spray is basically covered for 3 to 5 times. If you are not satisfied with it, you can spray more times. If it flows carelessly, when it is dry, use a knife or sandpaper to polish it, and then spray twice more.
Dalian metal plastic painting shall pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity to prevent exposure, low temperature, too dry environment, etc. When adjusting the gun, the amount of paint is too large, the air flow is too large, causing thick coating, and there is splash in the later stage, so bubbles are easy to appear. The paint viscosity is too high, the paint is thick at one time, the wood pipe is thick and deep, and the filling hole is not solid and contains air; The spraying air pressure is too high, and too much air is mixed in the paint. The temperature difference between the coating and the coated surface is too large. The painting environment temperature is too high or the relative humidity is too high.
When the coating is dried by heating, the temperature is too high, the time to stand before heating the coating is not enough, the solvent is not fully volatilized, the paint itself brings bubbles, and the bubbles generated during mixing are not eliminated. The hot air spray gun shall be used to remove the blistering paint, allow the wood to dry naturally, then brush the primer, and then repair the paint on the paint surface.
If there is no water in the spray paint of Dalian metal plastics, the wood grain may crack, and there is a small amount of air inside. Once the air is exposed to the sun, the air expands, and the paint will bulge. There are many factors that cause this kind of coating defect. For example, when the paint film is dried, the internal solvent or water will expand under heat to bulge the paint film, forming bubbles; Another example is that when processing the metal bottom layer, the moisture accumulated in the pit is not removed completely, and bubbles are caused by local corrosion. If there are dust spots, they should be polished to a smooth surface and then repainted. For slight dust spots, fine sandpaper shall be used for polishing.