Is the wall painted or wallpaper used:

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Is the wall painted or wallpaper used:
Dalian metal plastic spray painting, wallpaper is a kind of green and environmental protection wall decoration material, wallpaper itself is free of any pollution, so it is much safer than paint; Change it at any time. As time goes by, the wallpaper may be out of date. At this time, the wallpaper can be easily replaced by tearing off the original and pasting a new one. Cleaning is more troublesome. If the wallpaper surface is dirty, it is more troublesome to clean it.
This is also a disadvantage of wallpaper, which is troublesome in maintenance; Although the wallpaper itself is not polluted, the glue used to paste the wallpaper contains a certain amount of pollutants, so Xiaobian suggests that you use more high-end glue when purchasing glue to minimize the pollutants of glue. The price is relatively affordable. Generally, the wall decoration can be painted well without much money. Even if the well-known paint is used, the price will not be very expensive; The paint is more durable and its service life is longer than that of wallpaper. Generally, the service life of paint can reach more than 20 years. During this period, there is no need to worry about any problems on the wall.

Dalian metal plastic spray painting is considered from the use function: the wallpaper is more beautiful, the patterns are rich, the colors are more, and the styles are more. If it is used locally, it can really highlight the whole home atmosphere from point to area; However, the back corner of the wallpaper will tilt up for a long time, which will affect the appearance, and the wallpaper with poor quality will turn yellow; Paint brushing is convenient, the color selection is calm, and the degree of environmental protection is high. It is suitable for large-area painting, saving labor and time; From the perspective of environmental protection, wallpaper uses nitro paint or glue as the main adhesive, so it is inevitable to release a large amount of formaldehyde, which is harmful to people's health.
Moreover, the wallpaper also contains some other substances harmful to the body. You must check the whole process when choosing, and you must not take it lightly; The paint is relatively easy to worry about, because it only needs to be painted on the wall, so even if there is a slight formaldehyde release, it is within the range of national standards and will not cause great harm to human body; The important thing of decoration Z is the choice of materials. The materials for wall decoration are not absolute. There is no difference between good and bad, only suitable and inappropriate.
Dalian metal plastic spray painting has the advantages of low price, non-toxic, odorless and convenient construction. The powder cannot be removed by dry wiping. Because its film-forming material is water-soluble, it always leaves some traces after scrubbing with a wet cloth. It has poor durability and is easy to yellowing and discoloration, but its price is cheap and the construction is very convenient. Open flame and smoking are prohibited during painting; Painting equipment shall be well grounded to eliminate static electricity; The stock of paint and solvent in the paint booth should not be too much, which is generally limited to the consumption of the day.