Forklift tail painting

    Dalian metal plastic coating, coating can be formed on a variety of substrate materials, including metal substrate, ceramic substrate, plastic substrate, wood and even board can be sprayed, sprayed material range is very wide, almost unlimited, coating deposition efficiency is high, especially suitable for deposition of thin film coating.
    Coating thickness can be controlled, can change in a large range, from dozens of microns to a few millimeters even can be as thick as 20mm, in the premise of meeting the strength requirements, the substrate can be used to replace the precious materials, only the coating of high-quality materials, so that "good steel used in the blade", but also spray forming.
    When the spraying position is part of the surface of the workpiece, the spraying groove must be opened on the base where spraying is needed, and the chamfering of both ends of the spraying groove must not be greater than 45°, generally 45° or 30°, and the width should not be less than 1mm. The spraying position shall not have obvious knife mark, local depression, peeling and other defects on the surface after adding the machine, and shall not have obvious burr. The majority of coating post-processing are used for grinding or grinding polishing, in which the single feed amount must be controlled within 0.01mm in coarse grinding operation, and the single feed amount of fine grinding must be controlled within 0.005mm. Attention must be paid to the protection of spraying position during the processing of non-spraying position.
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